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"Anyone can master one trade given enough time and dedication. It is mastering multiple skills that is a true accomplishment." (Leonardo da Vinci)

A few details about me

Hello and welcome! I am Christian. My passion is making things in general, and software in particular. I have an insatiable drive to be a defining part of projects which improve the world's quality of life.


I specialize - and have accumulated considerable experience - in software engineering, particularly the kind which sits closer to the hardware level (embedded apps).

I was born and educated in Romania where, besides engineering, I received additional training in arts, medicine, photography, military psychology, and chess. I started writing software at the age of 12, during the Romanian revolution against the communist regime.

In my work, I strive to achieve the quality that I'd personally expect from a product that I use in my everyday life - and I'm picky with those.

My ultimate professional goal is to reach a convergence point where all the values of my ideal work environment meet: exciting work on a challenging and useful project, an extraordinary team, and generous compensation. I believe in traditional work relationships, based on mutual respect and trust, where you offer your best effort and unrestrained focus, and receive the company's best in return - good life balance, compensation, and career advance opportunities. I'm a big advocate of telecommuting, and have had outstanding results with it on numerous occasions.

I speak and write Romanian, English, and German at native speaker level, and have successfully completed commercial projects in all three.

In my private life, I'm happily married and have children. I enjoy having variety in my non-engineering activities: photography, woodworking, drawing, occasional cooking and baking, bike riding, home improvement and flying RC models. I love playing pool, ping pong, table football, and soccer. Whenever possible, I like to travel and reconnect with my origins in Romania and Germany.

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"Learning never exhausts the mind." (Leonardo da Vinci)

Engineering Skills

  • Technical Team Lead and Engineering Management
  • Software Architecture and Project Management
  • Software Engineering and Development C/C++, Bash, Lua, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, ASM
    • Embedded development, IoT, Real-Time Applications and Firmware, High Availability and Critical Systems
    • Linux, Windows, Mac apps
    • Mobile apps
    • Web apps
    • Qt
  • Linux and Windows scripting
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript development
  • UI/UX design for apps and web
  • PCB and mechanical design and prototyping
  • Git, Gerrit, Jenkins infrastructure; Jira
  • Build Automation, Continuous Integration, DevOps
  • Server Setup and Administration
  • Network Design and Administration, Low Latency and Secure Communications
  • SQL and Database Design
  • Related interests Robotics RC/unmanned aviation 3D Vision Augmented and Virtual Reality AI learning

Education and Awards

  • Bachelor's Degree (BSCS), 2000 "Politehnica" University Timișoara, Romania Major: Computer Science, Software and Hardware
  • German High School Diploma, 1995 "N. Lenau" Theoretical German High School Mathematics/Physics special class (attended the full 15-year "N. Lenau" German school system)
  • Officer Rank in the Romanian NATO Army, 2004 Officer Academy for Communications, IT and Electronic Warfare Sibiu, Romania
  • English speaker's certificate, advanced level Soros IHLS in Timișoara, Romania
  • German speaker's diploma (Sprachdiplom), highest level, 1995 Ministry of Culture Germany
  • 4th place, ACM Eastern European Programming Contest, 1998 My team and I were ranked fourth at the Programming Contest for all Eastern Europe, organized by the Association for Computing Machinery
  • 1st place, Local programming contests, 1992-1995 Achieved first places on several programming contests during high school, at local and state phases

"Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is the doing something else." (Leonardo da Vinci)

Projects and Experience

  • IoT Device Showcase and Reference Designs IoT, green field development, hardware design, firmware development, 3D printing, video production, bash, C++

    Designed and developed end-to-end secure IoT-to-cloud example deployments.

    Mechanical Engineering in Solidworks, rapid prototype and small volume production via 3D printing and in-house finishing, board and electronics design using Arm core MCUs, firmware application and libraries in C++ under Mbed OS, cloud connectivity through Arm Mbed Cloud (later named Pelion), time series database deployment on Microsoft TSI and Amazon cloud services. Produced promo videos. Agile/Scrum project development.

    Project verticals included: environment monitoring, wearable health monitor, DALI lighting controls, cellular tracking beacons, BLE indoor locationing.

    All projects featured cloud-based data and device management, including grouped secure Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) updates, and custom web presentation.

  • IoT Edge Gateway and Custom Integrations IoT, firmware development, system integration, container management, Linux, FOTA, build system, bash, C++

    Developed IoT edge gateway framework (embedded client, secure FOTA, custom BLE protocol translator, implementation of LwM2M standards, watchdog mechanism, cloud side stress testing), and used it to deploy custom solutions for large corporate customers (build/deploy framework and server configuration for managed apt repo, contributed to container integration, maintained MacOS build system, contributed to customer facing documentation).

  • StreamBoost - Intelligent Routing and Data Collection firmware development, QoS, networking, classification, packet offloading, REST, Linux, bash, C++

    Linux firmware/embedded development for Intelligent Gateways with StreamBoost dynamic QoS and data collection, using OpenWRT-based Linux. Architected and developed StreamBoost internal messaging and several user space components (master controller, service state machine, REST API backend, flow management, bandwidth measurement, data persistence) and a sample code framework to accelerate new component development. Implemented kernel mode RED queue and VD/DRR scheduler.

    Developed distributed data processing tools in Python using Map/Reduce on DDFS.

    Implemented a multiple-repo Linux-based build system with web management.

  • Stock Trading Portfolio App mobile app, iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, networking, Qt, C++

    Architected, developed and deployed a commercially successful stock portfolio tracking app, using a single source code base to deploy to multiple platforms. The app shows real time stock price changes and calculates Profit&Loss data on the fly. Information is aggregated and displayed in a customer specified layout and can be sorted, prioritized and edited as needed.

  • Customer Management System kiosk, Windows, Linux, time tracking, customer management, Qt, C++

    Architected and developing a self check-in customer management system (both software and kiosk construction) for businesses using a time-based model (such as gun ranges, gyms, hotels, or facilities with employee time cards). Customers check in and out using their drivers' license only - no keyboard or clerk interaction. App manages customer information, time and subscription tracking, historical logs, and contains special access functionality (manager access also via drivers' license verification). UI is adaptable to business specifics. Main station runs kiosk mode app under Windows, satellite stations can run app on RPi in weatherized enclosures, deployment on all stations from a single source code base.

  • Gaming Network Cards networking, Windows, Linux, firmware development, packet offloading, InstallShield, Qt, bash, C++

    Architected and developed main Windows application suite (using Visual C++ and Qt) to monitor and control the Linux-based RTOS running on the gaming NIC product line.

    Architect, Project/Team Lead for a successful standalone networking and performance monitoring application.

    Automated build process (Windows scripting and software), architected and engineered installers for main product line, device drivers and Windows services.

    Redesigned and implemented new revision control (using Git) and software repository infrastructure.

    In charge of software maintenance and development for the entire Windows application line. Pioneered static link mode for Qt-based standalone tools.

    Linux toolchain development for offline data processing.

  • High-End Whole House Audio/Video Streaming networking, streaming, low latency, firmware development, audio sampling, network clock synchronization, Windows, TI-RTOS, C++, Lua

    Designed and implemented the audio subsystem (hardware drivers, data streaming and processing, input-to-network and network-to-speaker audio data paths) for the IP Video flagship product line.

    Redesigned the network synchronization module, with vast performance improvements. Added a debug and monitoring module to the system, to facilitate development and shorten its time. Contributed a template system for Lua-based integration of third party devices. Development for the system’s networked graphical user interface.

    Implemented software biquadratic filter for digital networked speakers, using C. Lua proof of concept for an authenticated Internet radio (vTuner) client.

  • 3D Fassade CAD Application Windows, desktop application, 3D graphics, CAD, web design, network admin, web site admin, HTML, InstallShield, OpenInventor, HASP, C++

    Architected and developed major parts of 3D Fassade, a CAD desktop application targeted towards quick visualization for home additions. It became the most successful application of this kind in the entire German-speaking Europe. Development in C++, 3D graphics using the OpenInventor framework.

    Responsible for project planning, quality specifications and resource management, along with software development (3D module, 2D design modules, independent 3D viewer app, full Windows rewrite, software encryption and license verification, installer) and data (3D object modeling and photogrammetry, texture processing).

    Remotely maintained client’s corporate network with Linux and Windows servers. Maintained offsite Linux server hosting the corporate website.

    Designed corporate website and cover art for physical media.

  • Faith Related Projects web development, frontend, backend, HTML, CSS, Javascript, bash

    Developed and deployed multiple websites geared towards the Romanian Christian community (parallel version Bible reference, Catechism helper, multilingual testimony). Sites are hand coded (HTML+Javascript) and (where appropriate) use a dynamic content generator on the backend. Goals include streamlined display and simplicity of use, lightweight content, and usability in low connectivity areas.

  • Home Automation RPi, ZWAve, Home Assistant Full-home deployment (configuration and physical installation) of ZWave device network (light switches, dimmers, fan controls, motion and temperature/humidity sensors, thermostats, security cameras, and TV/media controllers). Actions configured for automated response (e.g. lights off when motion sensor indicates everyone left the room). Entire network is available in a browser based app (both local and secured worldwide) and linked to voice control from anywhere in the house.

"Greatness can be contagious, but first there must be contact." (TemitOpe Ibrahim)

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